Pro-Am Entries

Entries (Summer Edition)


Entry Regular fees
till 31.05.22
Late Entries
from 01.06.22
Deadline 15.06.22
Single dances: 40.- euro (50.- euro)
Multi dances: 2 dances 80.- euro (100.-euro)
Multi dances: 3 dances 110.- euro (140.-euro)
Multi dances: 4 dances 140.- euro (170.-euro)
Multi dances: 5 dances 170.- euro (210.-euro)
Scholarships: 200.- euro (250.-euro)
Amazing Vienna Imperial Cup* 100.- euro (100.- euro)
9 & 10 dances Champs 270.- euro (330.-euro)
Showcase: 100.- euro (140.-euro)
VIP Showcase
Bonus: photo of the couple in the festival booklet
400.- euro (550.-euro)
Viennese Waltz Pro-Am Championships: 150.- euro (150.-euro)


From 16th May 2022 a 30,- Registration Fee is charged per Am/Student for the whole competition.
Participants do not need to purchase Entry Tickets to the ballroom.

Entries Deadline - 15th June 2022.

  • Only available for couples where either Pro or Am already registered the Scholarship in the same style and age group. Winners get free participation at the Imperial Cup 2022 which is part of the WDC Professional World Championship (by 5-11 participating couples – only the 1st place; by over 12 participating couples – 1st – 3rd places)