The registration is now open for:

2017 International PRO-AM Dance Festival “2017 AMAZING VIENNA”,
2017 Viennese Waltz World Open PRO-AM Championships
2017 ADW European Open PRO-AM Grand Prix

Deadline for entries 15 November 2017.

Entry Regular fees
till 31.10.17
Late Entries
after 01.11.17
Deadline 15.11.17
Single dances: 40.- euro (50.- euro)
Multi dances: 2 dances 80.- euro (100.-euro)
Multi dances: 3 dances 110.- euro (140.-euro)
Multi dances: 4 dances 140.- euro (170.-euro)
Multi dances: 5 dances 170.- euro (210.-euro)
Scholarships: 200.- euro (250.-euro)
9 & 10 dances Champs 270.- euro (330.-euro)
Show case: 100.- euro (140.-euro)
VIP Show case:
(9.12. at Amazing Vienna Star Night.
Bonus: photo of the couple in festival booklet)
400.- euro (550.-euro)
VW World Champs: 150.- euro (150.-euro)
ADW European Open PRO-AM Grand Prix 150.- euro* (150.- euro)*

* The price 150,- is valid for participants who also registered for Scholarships, otherwise the price is 300,-

Please, note!!! To enter the ballroom all participants have to present an Entry Ticket (Day session & Evening session), those Entry tickets are included in the Packages. Participants who had not purchased a Package should order Entry Tickets

Register your Entries