Pro-Am Entries


Early Bird Period until August 10, 2022 !

Entry Regular fees
till 15.10.22
Late Entries
from 16.10.22
Deadline 10.11.22
Single dances 40.- euro (50.- euro)
Multi dances: 2 dances 80.- euro (100.-euro)
Multi dances: 3 dances 110.- euro (140.-euro)
Multi dances: 4 dances 140.- euro (170.-euro)
Multi dances: 5 dances 170.- euro (210.-euro)
Scholarships 200.- euro (250.-euro)
Amazing Vienna Imperial Cup* 300.- euro (350.- euro)
9 & 10 dances Champs 270.- euro (330.-euro)
Showcase 100.- euro (140.-euro)
VIP Showcase
Bonus: photo of the couple in the festival booklet
on request on request
Viennese Waltz Pro-Am Championships: 150.- euro (150.-euro)


From 10th August 2022 a 70,- Registration Fee is charged per Am/Student for the whole competition.
Participants do not need to purchase Entry Tickets to the ballroom.

Entries Deadline - 10th November 2022.

Only available for couples where either Pro or Am already registered the Scholarship in the same style and age group.