Elisabeth Smagin-Melloni
ESM Event Management

PCO and Event Manager since 1990, has organized more than 120 exhibitions, congresses, trade fairs, symposiums and cultural events - among them more than 50 Debutante Balls in 21 countries.

Elisabeth knows all the ins and outs of creating a successful event. Among her most significant projects are Balls in Moscow, London, Vienna and China. She is thrilled to once again present “Amazing Vienna” to an international audience in her beloved home town.

Hannes Emrich

World Dance Council General & Company Secretary, Former Professional dancer and now working worldwide as a top-level dance teacher, choreographer and coach and championship adjudicator of the worlds foremost events.

Also, he has been intrinsically involved with the organization of many competitions and dance festivals for the last decade. His passion for dance and organizational experience makes him a perfect complementing partner for Elisabeth Smagin's Excellence as an Event organizer.