Tickets & Packages

World Championship Tickets


Entry Ticket (seat in the first row), 26th November, 3.00 p.m. € 95   SOLD OUT!!!
Entry Ticket (seat in row 2 - 4), 26th November, 3.00 p.m. € 75
VIP Table Seat - World Championship, 26th November, 3.00 p.m.
(includes a selection of drinks and snacks on the table.)
€ 200 SOLD OUT!!!
Afterparty, 26th November € 125


Tickets - 25th and 27th November


Entry Ticket, 25th or 27th November (no seat guaranteed) € 35
VIP Table Seat, 25th or 27th November € 95
Lunch, 25th, 26th or 27th November € 60
Dinner, 24th, 25th or 27th November € 95



Check-in 24.11
Check-out 28.11
Check-in 24.11
Check-out 27.11
Check-in 25.11
Check-out 28.11
Check-in 24.11
Check-out 26.11
Check-in 26.11
Check-out 28.11
Check-in 25.11
Check-out 27.11
Transfer from/to the airport
Accommodation in Classic Room*
Welcome Dinner, 24th November
Lunch, 25th November
Lunch, 26th November
Lunch, 27th November
Gala Dinner, 25th November
Afterparty, 26th November
Afterparty, 27th November
VIP Table Ticket, 25th November
VIP Table Ticket, 26th November
VIP Table Ticket, 27th November
Price for single Package from € 1.950,- from € 1.480,- from € 1.410,- from € 780,- from € 810,- from € 930,-
Price for double/twin Package from € 3.030,- from € 2.270,- from € 2.130,- from € 1.060,- from € 990,- from € 1.350,-

*Upgrade to Deluxe Room (35 sqm) or Studio Suite (45 sqm) is available during the purchase process.


The amount of Packages is limited. In case the payment is not provided within three days after booking, we reserve the right to cancel the booking.

After purchasing a Travel Package, the organizers can send you the following documents for obtaining a visa, if requested:

  • confirmation of participation in the festival
  • confirmation for the hotel booking

The organizers bear no responsibility for any financial losses of dancers and guests in case of cancellation of their visit and participation in the festival.

The organizers bear no responsibility and do not cover guests’ personal spendings or any extra costs (as e.g. room service, mini bar, telephone, etc.).

The hotel may charge you with a deposit at the check-in.