This year the location of the festival is Sofiensaal, situated in the central part of the city. The location with its own history! Built in 1826, completely burned down in 2001, but rebuilt and opened once again in 2013. At different times it was a swimming pool, recording venue, Russian banja (sauna), concert hall, where balls and operas were held. Johann Strauss I performed there regularly and conducted at the opening ball of the house in 1848. Many of the Strauss family's waltzes were first performed there. Now came the time of PRO-AM Competition to be held in this magic venue.












This year we prepared 2 different Packages for you. First package is for beloved by our participants GRAND HOTEL WIEN, which has been famous the world over for exquisite hospitality and refined luxury. Here you can choose between 2 room categories. The shuttle bus to the event location will be provided.
Learn more about Grand Hotel Wien.

The second package is for RUBY SOFIE HOTEL, located in the venue of the festival, what makes it so convenient. The philosophy of the hotel is lean luxury – “Pay less for the luxury, concentrating on what really matters”. You can choose out of 5 room categories in this hotel. Attention! No twin rooms, all double rooms have 1 double/king-size bed.
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10 December 2017


First time at "Amazing Vienna" - 2017 ADW International Congress "PRO-AM System". The congress will be held on 10th December from 10:00 to 15:00. Please, plan your flights in order not to miss the great opportunity to get the latest information from the world's best couches and dancers.
The Congress will run in 2 parts:

  • Part I (10:00-12:30) -  theory on business model, structure, financial, ethics etc. (for PRO/Teachers only)
  • Part II (13:00-15:00) – Workshop in American Smooth & Rhythm (open for everybody)


  • Nick Kosovych, USA
  • Leonid Pletnev, Russia-Austria
  • Nick Cheremukhin & Viktorija, USA

The number of participants is limited, please buy your tickets in advance.

Tickets for ADW International Dance Congress











The final stage of the European Open RRO-AM Grand Prix Series will be held at “2017 Amazing Vienna”, where the Grand Prix Champion will be announced.

And for the third time, only in Vienna – Viennese Waltz World Open PRO-AM Championship! The champions of the National Subtitles will get a free of charge participation in this competition. Already among them are Veronika Tsareva - Andrey Motyl from Russia and Svetlana Sergeeva – Alexey Katushkov from Russia.

Grand Titles competitions are open for PRO-AM couples from all dance organizations and/or independent couples. Only for these competitions, we use a “couple vs. couple” judging system instead of standard “student vs. student” usually used in PRO-AM Competitions.








For your beauty and comfort we provide makeup and hairstyle directly at our festival. Please, make an appointment in advance. Information here.








We are delighted to announce world's best couples performing at the “AMAZING VIENNA“ Dance Festival. With those great dance masters it will be a night to remember!