VIDEO from 2016 International PRO-AM Dance Festival "Amazing Vienna"
9-10 December 2016, Vienna, Austria 
"Amazing Vienna Star Night"
10 December 2016, Hofburg Imperial Palace, Vienna, Austria

2016 Viennese Waltz World Open PRO-AM Championships

In addition to traditional competition at the dance festival «AMAZING VIENNA» will host the 2016 Viennese Waltz World Open PRO-AM Championships which will be held in the following three dance styles:

- VW International Standard

- VW American Smooth

- VW Showdance

The best dance duets will be determined in this world's most popular and elegant dance. 2016 Viennese Waltz World Open PRO-AM Championships will be held at Amazing Vienna Star Night - during the final session on the 10th December 2016 at the Imperial Hofburg Palace, the best ballroom of Europe. We are pleased to organize it with the support of the government and under the honor patronage of the mayor of Vienna Michael Häupl.

Where else but in Vienna, the world championship in this dance should be held! It will be a grand celebration of the Viennese Waltz!

Amazing Vienna Star Night

The grand finale of the festival "AMAZING VIENNA" will be held in the historic interiors of the Festival hall Festsaal of the Hofburg Imperial Palace.

Enjoy an unforgettable evening, a gourmet dinner by candlelight in a royal atmosphere and a spectacular show with world dance stars at the Amazing Vienna Star Night.

Here on the 10th December 2016 the 2016 Viennese Waltz World Open PRO-AM Championships will be held , as well as the Hofburg VIP Show cases and Scholarships for International ST and American Smooth.

At 21:00, after the Amazing Vienna Star Night, the doors to the 10th anniversary of the Moscow's Ball will open, which offers performances of the leading stars of the opera and ballet, live music played by classical and jazz orchestras and a great performance of the world champions among professionals of the classic show, Paul Lorenz  and Julia Spesivtseva.

The Moscow Ball will last until the morning hours!



HOFBURG Imperial Palace

Imperial Palace Hofburg is the winter residence of the Austrian Habsburgs and the main seat of the imperial court in Vienna. Some of the rooms are used as the official residence of the President of Austria and the headquarters of the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE).

The palace complex includes thirteen rooms, excluding apartments, galleries and outbuildings. In Festsaal, the main hall of the palace,  in 1814-1815 gg. the famous Congress of Vienna was held. For two years, diplomats from around the world were making politics here and were also entertained at numerous Viennese balls. So at this time the Waltz became popular. At the end of the congress diplomats brought waltz from Vienna to their home countries made it popular worldwide. Since then, the dance became known as the Viennese waltz.




We invite you to get acquainted with the venue of the festival - the luxurious five-star hotel Grand Hotel Wien (hotel website). It traditionally hosts influential politicians and famous artists, successful businesspeople and famous sportsmen. Its interiors breathe history and luxury!

For the convenience of participants and guests of the festival the organizers offer Service Packages that include hotel accommodation in Grand Hotel Wien, meals, transfers and other services.

On the 9th December 2016 the Day and Evening sessions of the International PRO-AM Dance Festival "AMAZING VIENNA" and on the 10th December 2016 the Day session only will be held in Grand Hotel Wien.

For the Evening session of the festival on 10th December 2016 participants and guests  will move to the majestic Hofburg Imperial Palace (the best and most famous ballroom in Europe!), where they will enjoy the magical Amazing Vienna Star Night with the following 10th Moscow Ball!

The program of the festival can be found here.




The PRO-AM category implies that the dancing couple consists of a professional dancer and his amateur student. This concept was created in the middle of the XX century  in the USA and is gaining increasing popularity nowadays. The PRO-AM format allows everyone to truly enjoy the dance by dancing with a professional partner. We will welcome the PRO-AM dancers from all over the world.

The festival will include:

  • dancing styles: International Standard, International Latin, American Smooth, American Rhythm, Argentine Tango, Caribbean Mix, Showdance, VIP Showdance;
  • levels: Bronze, Silver, Gold - all levels in Beginner, Full and Open;
  • age categories: А (<35), В (36-50), С (51-70) and D (71>);
  • competitions: Single dances, Multi dances, 9 dances, 10 dances, Showcase, VIP Showcase, 2016 Viennese Waltz World Open PRO-AM Championships (VW International Standard, VW American Smooth, VW Showdance).



PACKAGES – it’s comfortable!

For your convenience, we prepared different Packages - in the STANDARD and COMFORT categories for guests and participants of the festival. This is the best way of booking your stay in Vienna according to your desires and needs. By purchasing a package, you will enjoy a magical dance holiday and charm of Vienna, while staying in the caring hands of the festival’s organizers.

See more information on Packages



Champion’s Show

We are delighted to announce world's best couples performing at the “AMAZING VIENNA“ Dance Festival. With those great dance masters it will be a night to remember!




For your beauty and comfort we provide make-up, hairdressers' and photography services directly at the Grand Hotel Wien. 

Please find more information here.