What is a Debutante?

debutante, (from French: débutante , female beginner), or deb in the historical sense is a young lady of aristocratic family background who has reached maturity and is presented to society at a formal “debut”.

Nowadays of course the intent of such presentation of young ladies shifted and the focus lies purely on the beauty of a grand ball entry ceremony and spectacular dances by the debutantes.

The entry of the debutantes and their first Waltz are one of the many highlights of a traditional Vienna Ball.

What is it like to be a Debutante?

Please have a look at our short Video about a previous Vienna Ball including scenes from our debutantes. 

You will be the highlight of the evening with a breath-taking entry and a magnificent display of group dances like Polka and Waltz. With your smokings, tailcoats and white dresses you’ll stand out through the whole evening.

Yourself and your etheral performance will be admired by all guests.

What we offer our Debutantes


Becoming a debutante at Amazing Vienna comes with a broad range of benefits, from gifts to special services:

  • A professional rehearsal on 6th of December, approx. 3 hours in the Hotel InterContinental, from 12.00 to 15.00. h, and a last rehearsal with orchestra on the 7th of December at 19:30 h for soundcheck and positioning.
  • Our female debutantes will get a beautiful Tiara as a gift to wear and a traditional debutante bouqet.
  • Fotosession with all debutantes and the choreographer
  • Video of the grand entry and the Polka dance in front of our honorary guests
  • A guided city tour through Vienna in english, approx. 1,5 hours after the rehearsal on the 6th
  • We can offer a variety of Hotels around the venue and provide transport to and from the rehearsals and the event.

Of course your participation at the Ball is free up to the last midnight quadrille, you’ll also have free access to the buffet and all drinks during the ball. We’ll also provide you seats and a resting area in an adjacent room for all debutantes.

Apply here

Please send us your details and a short video introduction via the form below. We will review your application as quick as possible.

Become a Debutante at Amazing Vienna


In order to apply for a spot as a debutante at Amazing Vienna, you need to bring the following requirements:

  • Excellent skills in Waltz, preferably signed by a dance studio
  • Age between 16 and 25 for ladies, 18 to 30 years for gentlemen 
  • unmarried
  • Long white dress, long evening gloves, white dancing shoes, respectively tailcoat or smoking for men, white gloves and black patent leather shoes 
  • The Debutante committee needs to be in Vienna 6th of December at 12 o’clock for the first rehearsal
  • very good english skills are required
  • a short video introduction of yourself in english and filmed as a full body portrait


Please find the entry fees for debutantes below.

(Fees exclude costs for hotel stays)

Young females

800,- €

Young males & Pros

200,- €

If you seek special arrangements or have questions, 

please contact us directly via debutantes@amazingevents.info